253 Featured on WGBY’s “Connecting Point”

Thank you to WGBY 52 for stopping by for a tour of our cannabis campus, and for getting to learn a little bit more about what is coming next for 253. We passed our inspection yesterday on March 3rd, and we plan for our own product to be hitting the shelves in March. Stay tuned for all the excitement!

“As Massachusetts enters its second year of legalized recreational marijuana use, entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth are vying for dispensary licenses. And, adult use shops that are already open, like 253 Farmacy, are expanding their businesses. Located in Montague, MA, 253 Farmacy is one of two recreational marijuana shops in Franklin County. The shop opened in September 2019 and are now in a position to grow, create, and distribution their own line of cannabis products. Connecting Point’s Ross Lippman sat down with one of the owners to talk about the company’s ambitious plans.”

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