Does The Way You Consume Cannabis Have Different Effects?

A woman putting marijuana on a table.

If you’re new to smoking or only stick with your trusted method, you may have questions about the other methods out there. From long-lasting rumors to new information, many wonder: do different methods get you higher? Are any of them better than the others? While it’s largely based on preference, different methods of consuming weed can vary results and highs. Below we’ll go over the basics, so you’re prepared for whatever purchase you want to make!


Edibles are food or drinks infused with THC. Due to their nature, they result in a more controlled, drawn-out high. It’s important to wait the direct time before consuming more!


Weed vapes heat cannabis oil without lighting it, and then the consumer inhales those vapors. Some people reported feeling a stronger high with vaping, but that’s likely due to the higher THC levels, rather than the method.


Concentrates are exactly that: a concentrated form of cannabis. Similar to vaping, many report elevated highs- but this is due to the fact that they deliver high amounts (around double or more THC levels than smoking) of THC into the body quickly, leading to a very fast high.


The most classic way: smoking. There is a long-standing myth that a bong gets you higher than a joint, but ultimately, lighting, burning, and inhaling cannabis have the same effect- whether it’s a bong, joint, or pipe. Sometimes the time to feel the high can differ slightly.

So, long story short: yes, the way you consume marijuana has slightly different effects- as far as ingesting it, igniting it, or inhaling vapors. However, it all comes down to the THC level. Other factors to consider are the strains, dosage amount, and individual tolerance…It can get overwhelming! So, if you have questions about methods, strains, or where to begin, look no further than 253 Farmacy!

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