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The oldest recorded uses of cannabis flower date all the way back to ancient Greek times. Since then, the processes of cultivation have gotten quite a bit more sophisticated, allowing producers to hone in on the benefits of particular strains. People find themselves asking, what is sativa and indica? Or what is hybrid weed?

There are three strain varieties that each cannabis flower strain falls into:

  • Sativa: these are more energizing strains that tend to complement physical activity or creative projects.
  • Indica: these strains are more calming and can assist with sleep and relaxation.
  • Hybrid: these are strains that combine both Sativa and Indica; they may be more dominant with one variety than the other.

A person who deals with muscle stiffness or lack of appetite would likely opt for an Indica, whereas someone looking to improve their mood and enhance focus might have more luck with a Sativa; the best of both worlds can be achieved with a hybrid.


Within each variety, there are many specific strains to consider.

Beyond strain variety, it’s important to consider cannabinoids and terpenes as well when selecting a cannabis flower. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is prominently credited with the psychoactive effects of cannabis, but CBC, CBD, CBN, and a number of other cannabinoids can also affect a user’s experience with cannabis flower.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that cannabis secretes which gives it distinctive flavors like citrus or pine. As it turns out, different terpenes also have different effects. For example, Terpinolene (a fruity terpene) is energizing, and Myrcene (an herbal terpene) is relaxing.

Clearly, there’s more to choosing a stellar strain than knowing the difference between Indica and Sativa; that’s why we work hard to give detailed information about each of our cannabis flower offerings at 253 Farmacy.

At 253 Farmacy, cannabis flower is the beating heart of our operation. We’re all about good, old-fashion quality, and that’s the basis of our highly engineered grow process. We produce clean, potent, and flavorful flower, then test it to ensure there are absolutely no contaminants, far exceeding quality requirements for the state. Trust us, if cannabis flower receives a passing grade from us, it’s a quality product. Interested in learning more about the cannabis flower strains available at 253 Farmacy, our cultivation processes, or have questions about how order marijuana online? Contact our team today!

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