Happy 4/20!

Celebrate 4/20 While Self Isolating With Marijuana

4/20 is known to be a significant celebratory date for cannabis consumers and marijuana lovers around the world. Throughout history, the date of April 20th has become known as a time to celebrate the plant by fighting for the legalization of it, attending 4/20 themed events, and consuming it in its many forms. The “holiday” has brought Jane lovers from all walks of communities together and has since helped many states and countries fight to legalize the plant for recreational and medical use. For more info on the history and origin of 4/20, visit Leafly’s Beginners Guide to 420 Cannabis Holiday

The entire month of April this year, 2020, causes for the most celebratory 4/20 yet. As many of us are quarantined and urged to stay in our homes for the entire month of 4/20, some may never again have the opportunity to stay at home and consume cannabis with such freedom. Here is a list of some things that you could do in self-isolation to celebrate the big day, or even the entire month. 

Have a virtual smoke sesh 

Everyone has their go-to group for the ultimate sesh, and who says we can’t make it virtual? Puff, puff, don’t pass. Grab your crew and organize your 4/20 virtual smoke session with a video conferencing app like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Decorate your space with decked out green and your favorite cannabis accessories. Smoke your bong, rig, bowl, or that doobie you just rolled and chat with friends. You could even play games or have a little jam/dance party. Share your feelings, and keep the mood positive and light as everyone needs some good vibes in today’s world. 

Watch and attend a virtual 4/20 event 

The world is in no doubt rallying around one another to raise morale and keep each other positive during such tough times. The marijuana community has done the same and there are so many great virtual events that are perfect for celebrating 420 from home. Get your weed ready, because it’s a virtual worldwide party! 

Bake something special as you would on any other holiday 

April 20th, 2020 is such an iconic day for stoners around the world, and edibles are a must. There are so many great treats that you can make and edibles are the perfect alternative to smoking. If you are bored in the house and hungry, cooking or baking is great for keeping yourself active and resolving your hunger. You deserve a special treat on 420! Keep in mind, effects can last 2-6+ hours! 

Chill out and watch some tv shows or movies 

Sometimes you just want to get baked and put on your favorite movie or binge a new tv series you have been dying to see. Now is a perfect time, and 4/20 brings a great excuse to get couch-locked and take some time to watch what you hadn’t had time for. 

Life Hack:  If you want to watch some Netflix with friends, try downloading the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party to chat and watch movies with friends at the same time! 

Look out for any 4/20 deals!!

Although recreational stores are closed for business, medical dispensaries are still open and provide deals for customers. If you are looking to purchase new accessories like a Puffco Peak, or a Volcano by Storz and Bickel—now is your time to look for online deals! Many companies offer great deals for 420 as it is the most popular stoner holiday we have. 

Get baked and do a workout or dance it out 

Exercise is super important during these quarantined times as it keeps our endorphins up and energy high. Put on some new music or your go-to workout tunes, and get that body moving. Maybe try some yoga or meditate for the first time to calm the mind and soul. 20 minutes of exercise on 420 is all you need to get the blood flowing and the good vibes rolling!

253 hopes that everyone has a very safe 420 holiday.

  • Please consume responsibly.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and marijuana is not for use under the age of 21!
  • Do not operate machinery under the influence of marijuana.

Stay home and stay high! We hope to see you all very soon! 

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