Cannabis Safety

253 cares about your safety… 

At 253, we provide our customers with important and helpful educational materials that promote legal, safe, and healthy cannabis use. Our staff is trained to emphasize responsible consumption with customers. Here are some important things to know: 

Marijuana contains a mind-altering chemical called THC and can have powerful effects. 

  • There are many different ways to use marijuana, and each one can affect you differently. No matter which method you use, take it slow and don’t use too much at once. Keep in mind that being high can affect your judgement and impair concentration when doing everyday activities. 

Secondhand Smoke

  • Marijuana smoke contains THC and other chemicals that can have a harmful effect. Please be considerate and think about the people around you who shouldn’t be exposed to it, especially babies, children, and pregnant women. 

Don’t mix marijuana and alcohol

  • When you mix marijuana and alcohol, the impact can be unpredictable. Using them together will result in greater impairment, and could also include nausea, vomiting, panic, anxiety or paranoia and hallucinations. 

Don’t drive high

  • Marijuana can hurt your driving skills by slowing your reaction time, coordination, and concentration. Driving under the influence is illegal and may increase your risk of getting into a car crash. Please keep this in mind when getting into a vehicle! 

All of our product packaging is child-resistant. 

  • Consistent with the regulations for adult use, we have updated our packaging with revised warnings and clear information to ensure that people can identify products as marijuana-infused (e.g. edibles) and not safe for children.

For more information on using marijuana responsibly and related health concerns, visit:

253 cares about the safety of your family and pets… 

Keeping your children and pets safe 

Often times, kids and pets can mistake marijuana products (especially edibles) for regular food or candy. As a parent or guardian, we can prevent this by storing cannabis products safely and securely. Anything containing marijuana should be in child-resistant packaging and clearly labeled. It is important to make sure your children cannot see or reach the locked cabinet or box where your cannabis is stored. 

Talk with your kids about marijuana.

Cannabis sold on the market today is much more potent, and is also available in a wider variety of products, like edibles, concentrates, tinctures and topicals. Some of these products appeal to kids and unfortunately adolescent brains aren’t fully developed until their mid 20’s. Consuming marijuana has been shown to impact brain development in youth, specifically having an effect on ones’ memory, learning problems, and also increasing  risky behavior. 

Give your kids the facts about cannabis and the rules and regulations around it. Be clear and set rules about marijuana use, as kids now have the ability to grow up in a state where cannabis is recreational for adults over the age of 21. For more tips on how to keep your kids safe and how to talk to your teens about marijuana, visit:,

Commonly Asked Questions:

What happens if my children or pets accidentally consume marijuana?

  • Eating or drinking marijuana can make children and pets very sick. They may have problems walking or sitting up, feel sleepy and even have a hard time breathing. If your child ingests marijuana, call the poison control hotline at (800) 222-1222. It’s a free hotline and you’ll be helped quickly.
  • If the reaction seems serious, it is best to call 911 or go to the emergency room. If you’re worried about your pet, call your vet. For more information visit the Poison Control website at

How can I keep my children safe if I plan to use marijuana?

  • If you plan to consume marijuana, please make sure there is another responsible adult who can safely care for children. 
  • Do not allow smoking in your home or around children. Marijuana smoke is not healthy, and can have damaging effects on babies, children, and pregnant mothers. 
  • Do not get behind the wheel of a car. Driving a car while high is not safe for the driver or passengers.
  • It is unsafe for babies to sleep in your bed if you are high.

How do I tell my child not to use marijuana if I do now?

  • Just like with alcohol, tell your child that it is against the law to use marijuana until the age of 21.
  • More importantly, let your kids know that their brains continue developing until they are in their mid-20’s, and marijuana can interfere with brain development. 
  • Using marijuana as a child, teen, or young adult can also increase the chance they will become dependent on it later on in life.

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