Snow Fun: How to make Snow Bong

Using the snow bong we built

It’s DECEMBER and we recently received our first snow storm for this year. Unfortunately due to the inclement weather, we were forced to close down early yesterday so that our staff and customers could get home early and safely. We ended up getting a good amount of snow, and it just happened to be the ideal type for making life-sized snow bongs, igloos, and snowman. As we were getting home, some 253 team members decided to bask in the beauty of white, and cherish the winter season with the christening of a SNOW BONG and a few of our killer pre-rolls available in-store.  

Here is how we did it:

THIS IS KEY!! Make sure you are on private property as cannabis is NOT allowed for public consumption!! You CANNOT use marijuana in any form in public, please keep note of this. 

Be creative with your materials! Obviously snow and cannabis are the most imperative pieces to make this bong work. Everything else you can be super creative with…

  • We built our SNOW BONG directly into a pile of snow, but you could also use a regular cereal type bowl to start the base of your bong. 
  • Dowel or any type of cylindrical rod: This will let you make the smoke chamber. You can use all sorts of other stuff to make this piece of the bong. 
  • To form the bowl of the bong, we used a smaller rod for the down-stem and a tip so we could attach joints. Get creative here, as you can use many other options for a downstem and bowl. 


  1. Build a base for the snow bong. Insert the dowel or rod into the base and pack around it. Build and sculpt the snow to create the height and shape you desire. 
  2. Remove dowel or rod and start making your downstem and bowl/tip for a joint, depending on your preference of consumption.  
  3. Test for functionality, and finalize your sculpting of the bong. 
  4. Grab your best joint, or pack the bowl with your favorite ganja and rip it up. 

Although we don’t believe this is the best bong we have ever tried, it sure is a lot of fun to make and toke a rip off of.

Try it for yourselves next snow storm, and tag us in your attempts. Let’s see who can make the best snow bong. Cheers!

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