253 is Top-rated in Blacklist.xyz Review of I-91 Dispensaries

Blacklist.xyz review quote: “hands down my favorite dispensary in the state of Massachusetts”

253 Farmacy has caught the attention of west coast connoisseurs.

253 is hands down my favorite dispensary in the state of Massachusetts.

Greg Silverstein, Blacklist.xyz | March 7, 2021

Blacklist.xyz is a highly-regarded online platform for all things cannabis, known for its honest and critical viewpoint, and its support for smaller non-corporate dispensaries. Earning praise in a forum like this is serious, so we’re understandably pretty thrilled to read things like this:

This location has everything you could want or need from a local dispensary including a top shelf in house brand, great partnerships with 3rd party producers, and exciting new products including a variety of new concentrates and new flower. The dispensary is off the beaten track but 100% worth the trip, the in house brand 253 is by far my favorite brand for flower…

Greg Silverstein, Blacklist.xyz | March 7, 2021

Thanks for the shout out Greg! We hope to keep earning the positive press, and want nothing less than to be the best there is, which is why we continue to believe in meeting the rigorous standards of Kosher-certification, taking the extra time and know-how to develop cannabis-derived terpenes, investing in 100% renewable energy, and working hard to provide our customers with the same friendly, knowledgeable service we’d want ourselves.

If you’re loving what you’re getting from 253, consider casting a vote for us as Best Retail Cannabis Dispensary in the Valley for 2021!

You can check out the full article from Blacklist.xyz here

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