Surviving the Holidays with Weed

Marijuana at Christmas Time

It’s that time of year again when families get together to share in the magic of the holiday season. We all want the season to go smooth and create long-lasting, fond memories with the ones we love. But, there is no denying that even the best get-togethers can be a little stressful for everyone.

Between traveling, cooking, cleaning, preparing, and everything in-between, you’re bound to need a few moments to yourself to unwind. There’s nothing better to help you do that than having a little cannabis handy. We’ve got some helpful tips to assist you with surviving the holidays with weed.

For obvious reasons, this is a peak time of year for cannabis retailers. Long lines, diminished supplies, and holiday hours could all mean your supply will be short. The last thing you want to happen is to run out at a crucial time when you’re at peak stress level. So, make sure you get in the store early and pick up a little extra supply.

Be a Master of Discretion

You may find yourself surrounded by people who aren’t too keen on cannabis or minors who shouldn’t be exposed. So, mastering your techniques of discretion will help avoid any unwanted complications as you enjoy your holidaze. Keep these tips in mind and prepare your plan in advance:

  • Concentrates and vapes are a great way to sneak-a-toke when you’re away from the group.
  • Timing is everything so keep an eye out for a lull in the gathering and seize your opportunity.
  • Mention that it’s getting a little stuffy in the house and you’re going to step outside for a breath of fresh “air”. Obviously, don’t use finger quotes when you say it.
  • Be smart about where you smoke. You don’t want the neighbors’ prying eyes on you or in a place where someone may come upon you unexpectedly.
  • Cannabis edibles are a great way to share with family and friends or discreetly partake in between hors d'oeuvres. Just be sure you don’t leave them out for others to mistake for a regular treat!

There’s an art to stepping away from a family function to enjoy a quick hit or two, but one of the greatest joys of these gatherings may be stumbling upon other members of the family who also partake.

Always remember to research the laws of the states you travel to. If it’s illegal in the state you’re going to, don’t risk it! Leave it at home. A little stress is nothing compared to ruining the holidays for everyone by getting popped for possession.

We hope that during your holiday travels in Massachusetts, you have an opportunity to swing by our store or shop online. Remember, at 253 Farmacy, we’ve always got you covered!

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