Experience farm-fresh cannabis products from our on-site grow in Montague, Massachusetts.

Opening in 2019!

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253 is a team of cannabis enthusiasts who are dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge in a welcoming atmosphere. If you take pride in your work and are ready to join a hard-working team, we'd love to have you apply.

Download and send a completed application to PO Box 253, Montague, MA 01376

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253 Farmacy blooms in 2019.

  • Visible On-site Production

    We've taken the concept of "farm-to-table" one step further: our cannabis farm is right here on site! Our vertically-integrated facility pulls back the curtain on the typical dispensary with a literal window into our farm-to-pipe process. 

  • Full-Spectrum Products

    Other producers tend to isolate cannabinoids – typically CBD – but we take a more holistic approach. Our Full-Spectrum products are crafted with the belief that the body and mind benefits more when this complex symphony is left intact, just as nature intended.

  • Curated Selection

    Cannabis is our passion, and there's nothing more fulfilling than getting others excited about it with us! There is incredible variety out there, but it can be daunting, which is why we're here, to craft the perfect menu.

  • Personalized Service

    Cannabis strains and products are as  diverse as the people who love them! Through the emerging scientific study of cannabis, we now have more insight than ever into how to determine the right flavor, mode, and effects that are right for you.

In the beginning, there was cannabis...

The symbiotic relationship between humans and plants is undeniable: for food, shelter, clothing, and medicine – essentially everything we need aside from the light and warmth provided by our sun.

There are a select few that appear linked to us in multiple and profound ways, and chief among those plants is Cannabis.

The history of the utility of hemp fiber is well-documented; however, the flower's reputation – despite being a source of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness – is contentious, to say the least. As modern science continues to confirm traditional knowledge, and society gradually embraces Cannabis, we are once again unlocking the complex potential hidden within this controversial plant ally of ours.

It's time we got to know each other again.

Who is 253 Farmacy?

253 Farmacy is all about good old-fashioned natural quality. Members of our team grew up working the fertile soils of the Pioneer Valley and know first hand the pride and satisfaction that comes from enjoying a freshly-picked food that you nurtured and harvested with your own bare hands.

That's why we're committed to opening the first vertically-integrated dispensary in Massachusetts. This means we will grow, process, and serve the highest-quality cannabis products all on-site at our Montague store.

We can't wait to open our doors and show you what we've been up to! We're hard at work (meaning we are literally filthy and exhausted each and every day of the week) to convert the old Hallmark Photography building outside Turner Falls into a novel facility designed to provide you with the most access possible. We want you to see the nursery where your plants grow. We want you to get to know the people taking care of them. And we want to know how cannabis can best complement you: whether you seek relaxation, euphoria, balance, or all of the above depending on the day of the week.

253 Farmacy Logo

Why do we call ourselves "253 Farmacy"?

It's a long, dramatic story full of unexpected twists...

Okay, it's actually not. 253 is our address in Montague, on Millers Falls Road. 253 is where we are putting down roots. It's honestly as simple as that. We happened to "discover" that the numerals add up to 10, so we also like to say "253 is a Perfect 10"! But that's mostly to ourselves, we're actually too humble to say much of anything out loud.

Oh, and "Farmacy"? Well, you may have come across this term before, and we imagine it's been waiting all along for the opportunity to take center stage for an operation like this! It's one part "farm" and one part "pharmacy", just like our building, and also like our vision. Cannabis is destined for a return to greatness as both an agricultural marvel and a therapeutic panacea. In bringing this plant to market, we see our role as two-fold: as farmer, and as pharmacist (in the unlicensed, figurative sort of way). We are here to cultivate a magnificent plant and to help our community use it wisely (and with joy!).

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.

Willie Nelson

When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.

Bob Marley

A drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.

Carl Sagan

Of course I know how to roll a joint.

Martha Stewart

253 Farmacy = Passion + Expertise.



Marcia brings the necessary business and legal smarts. Born and raised in Mass, she has been a lawyer here for over 31 years. With a national scope practicing ERISA – a highly regulated area – Marcia understands the ins and outs of what makes government agencies tick, and can navigate the murky waters of employer/employee relations with ease. Thanks Marcia!


Seth knows soil. Owner of a large irrigation company based on Nantucket, Seth has two decades of experience in the soil science industry with numerous certifications. Seth grew up here and attended college in western Mass, and proudly serves on the board that wrote Nantucket’s fertilizer regulations which are currently the strictest in the country. Go get 'em Seth!


Chris is master builder. His business takes pride in providing the full scope of construction for their projects, from frame to finish. Chris was also raised locally and attended college in western Mass before moving to Nantucket to work in construction, where he has had work published in Architectural Digest. Nice work Chris!


Lee is our double-threat. An industrial engineer by trade and a 30-year entrepreneur, he currently owns three cultivation facilities, an extraction facility and two retail locations. Lee has the valuable experience of having worked closely with local government and regulators while overseeing the design and construction of large-scale facilities in Colorado, Arizona and California. Gee-whiz Lee, that's a heck of a resumé!


Alan is the big city mover and shaker. Prior to his career as a successful Broadway producer, Alan was an owner of a nationally renowned broker-dealer in the heavily-regulated securities industry. Alan has employed hundreds of people over the years in different communities, and earned a reputation as a stellar corporate citizen. Break a leg, Alan!

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We won't share your email with anyone, we're not sell-outs.

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