253 Vaping Product Safety

Members of the 253 team have seen many reports regarding the safety of contents within cannabis vape cartridges and pens.

We’d like to reassure you that all vape products sold at 253 Farmacy are NOT part of the CDC warnings or investigations and our product DOES NOT CONTAIN any harmful additives like vitamin E acetate.

All cannabis vape products sold at our store use only cannabis-derived oils and terpenes and are meticulously tested by a third-party.

Because of Massachusetts state laws and regulations, we are required to have our cannabis products tested by a third-party to ensure we are providing the highest quality product with absolutely no contaminants. We want to thank you for voicing your concerns about our vape pens and cartridges, while also encouraging you to purchase your product from licensed dispensaries who are actively testing their product. At 253 Farmacy, we hope to be as transparent as possible with our customers, and we absolutely wanted to address this huge issue affecting many lives today.

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