“Budding business: Marijuana retail store open” (Greenfield Recorder)

Greenfield Recorder photo of the 253 retail store

The Greenfield Recorder came by on September 5th to take some photos and talk to us about our Grand Opening.

253 Farmacy opened Thursday as the only marijuana retail store in Franklin County with on-site cultivation and manufacturing, and only the second retail store in the county otherwise.

The store won’t be selling its home-grown products until probably this spring. Final approval of the company’s cultivation license is pending, so at soonest growing could start in October or November, putting the first harvest in March or April, said co-owner Seth Rutherford. Until then, the store is stocked with wholesale products.

Once cultivation is up and running, the store’s plan is for 70 percent of its offerings to be its own products, and 30 percent to be from other companies, Rutherford said. There will be 15 custom-bred strains available at a time, with strains being phased in and out about every three to five months, Rutherford said.

“A lot of cannabis isn’t just the testing results. It’s the smell, it’s the look, it’s the color,” he said. “We’re trying to educate people that it’s not always the highest TAC (total available cannabinoid) that’s the best for you.”

Check it out here.

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